It’s day 21 and we’re maintaining. Practicing social distancing and and staying home has it’s benefits but it’s also very challenging.

Hello everybody! 

Hi ØnewheelRY. 

We all love living life with our wheels. We thank our onewheels for keeping us balanced and centered and feeling like the smartest pedestrian and knowing you are from the future and you are most certainly super-powered because of this invention. 

Let’s discuss the importance of safety fundamentals. This is a balance board that is unlike any other extreme sport board. It has grown into an extreme sport all its own similar to skateboarding and with a Free feeling of snowboarding on asphalt. Streets and paths, the roads and off-roads like all of those sports we need a way to develop a way to learn how to onewheel. 

Right now, I teach private lessons in the Bay Area. I help prospective riders by offering to test the available onewheel models. I like to help future owners make that decision by teaching them how to enjoy the sport. Each one teach one! 

Stand with both feet on the teeter totter and attempt to Bring the board to balance perfectly. If you can stand balanced for a minute or two without needing to rest, you certainly can learn how to ride! I can remind you of balancing tricks so that you can feel comfortable. Soon enough you will be on your toes, learning tricks and exploring different stances.

You can stand perfectly or move around. You can push your weight and use the edge of the tire to cruise. You need only balance on a onewheel. After a year, I still find amazing balance on this balance board. 

I want to show off this new way of travel. I can definitely help you if you want to learn. We only need to understand problems start when you lean, going too fast / not taking it slow and forgetting to keep weight over the wheel. 

It is easier now, more than ever, to do anything you want to do

We have the technology In our hands and we can build anything we dream. 

Make something . Make your thing a reality

Who is stopping you?

& Who’s doubting you?

Believe in your power . Know you can do it if you fully commit

Be happy . Do you . Flow &